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Infographic for Allied Insurance


Infographics is a data visualization technique that offers complex information in a visual format. Visual information is easier to understand and remember than text-heavy written content.

The example shown here is work I did for Allied Insurance for a printed brochure. It’s an example of how a product may be marketed in a way that is a little more engaging than simply reading a page of text. I did this using print technology, but it could easily be converted to be used online as web content.


ISO_27001_infographicInfographics gain popularity for content marketing

More and more marketers are using infographics to add interest to a webpage and to explain complex information. According to the Social Media Examiner, “The most effective B2B marketers use an average of 15 tactics compared to the least effective marketers who use only 10. Interestingly, the use of infographics has increased significantly with 38% of marketers using this tactic last year compared to 51% this year.” †

The infographic shown on the left is an example I created for an organization that wanted to educate clients about the history of the Information Security Standards.

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